CatPrep2024: 4th Summer School on Catalysts Preparation

  • 09/06 - 14/06 2024
  • Vogüé (Ardèche)

The CatPrep summer school, open to the European scientific community, wishes to provide a general framework for teaching the fundamental and applied concepts of catalyst preparation. It will give a comprehensive overview of the fundamental knowledge required for the controlled elaboration of heterogeneous catalytic materials and will present the industrial requirements for large-scale synthesis.

The main objective is to provide a common conceptual framework to the scientific community working in the field or at the periphery of heterogeneous catalysts preparation in order to:

  1. Enable junior researchers to have a more rational view of the area in which they perform their research
  2. Facilitate interactions between researchers by use of a common language and common concepts
  3. Promote the dialogue between academia and industry in a highly specialized scientific area often protected by patents.

More information

Meet FIREFLY Project at CatPrep

Representatives of VITO will present a scientific poster titled Gas-Diffusion Electrocrystallisation (GDEx): A versatile technology for the synthesis of (electro)catalytic nanomaterials, explaining its applicability in synthesizing nanoparticles, which can be further used in various catalytic applications.

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