• 8 -12 July 2023
  • Lyon - Villeurbanne

A major challenge for scientists and engineers is to develop new reaction pathways which are efficient in terms of atoms, reaction steps, energy consumption and wastes, and more selective and safer. Catalysis plays a key role in the development of new reaction paths and requires of highly skilled professionals who are able to understand their principles and tools in order to pave the way from lab to industrial applications. With this objective, a catalysis training course is hosted since 2013 at the LyonTech La Doua scientific campus, in Villeurbanne, which is mainly aimed at young researchers with interests in the field.

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The educational team, which mainly consists of teachers based on the centre of excellence in catalysis of Lyon, also includes foreign internationally recognised researchers and professors who are very active in the field of catalysis and more particularly our partners of the European ARQUS alliance. All of them will use their expertise and the most recent developments in the field to support the presentations and practical sessions.

Lyon’s catalysis community will have the honour of organising the International Catalysis Congress (ICC 2024) in July 2024, and the organisation of the school in the week leading up to this event will provide participants with an opportunity to meet the community of young catalysis researchers in the run-up to the conference.


Attend ELITECAT 2024 and learn about the FIREFLY project and the current status of the research work developed by Steffany Chamorro from Centrale Lille. The title of the presentation is “Catalyst preparation for biomass valorisation using precursors from recycled spent catalysts”.