PECAS – CAT&SCALE workshop

  • 06-09/05/2024
  • Donostia, San Sebastian, Spain

PECAS – CAT&SCALE (6-9 May 2024) scopes the integration of electrochemistry and surface science research areas towards the understanding of the nature of the electrode-solution interface at an atomic level. Leading experts across the different disciplines will present the latest experimental and theoretical efforts in the field of photo- and electrochemistry on surfaces, promoting in depth discussions between students and scientific community from both fields.

The seminars will be delivered at the postgraduate level in the fields of surface science and electrochemistry, but introductory lectures will be specially addressed to introduce master and graduate students from Chemistry and/or Physics in each topic covered in the school.

Meet FIREFLY representatives at PECAS- CAT&SCALE

Representatives of TECNALIA, will be presenting results of electroleaching (ELX) process, relying on electrochemistry and milder electrolytes, developed in FIREFLY.

TECNALIA’s representatives presented also a scientific poster titled “Recovery of metals from waste streams using an electroleaching process”.

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© Photo: Hans Reiners