New development stages of the Data-Driven AI/ML Predictive Tool

In the initial phases of FIREFLY, INLECOM INNOVATION (Greece) defined the system specifications for the AI/ML-based predictive tool and structured the necessary data to benefit end-users. After successfully identifying user requirements, the team recently turned its attention to designing the tool’s operational interface and determining data sources needed to train and optimise the algorithms.

Recognising the criticality of a well-designed user interface in ensuring a positive user experience (UX) and unlocking the full potential of the AI, INLECOM ‘attacked’ the development phase with a user-centric approach. Specialists placed emphasis on usability, effectiveness and user satisfaction.

In parallel, INLECOM engaged the R&D partners from FIREFLY to identify all the data sources that will be used to train the algorithms. Once data collection is completed, the team will concentrate efforts into a detailed analysis of the gathered data. Following these tasks, the cross-functional team at INLECOM will begin experimenting with selected ML algorithms, assessing their performance in relation to the collected datasets.

Photo credits: Adobe