FlexIble, predictive and Renewable Electricity-powered electrochemical toolbox For a sustainable transition of the catalyst-based European chemicaL industrY.

Sustainable catalyst-based chemical industry

The FIREFLY project supports the sustainable evolution of the catalyst-based chemical industry towards its electrification and reduced third-party dependence on metals and fossil energy.

The FIREFLY concept relies on the development of:

  • Electro-driven technologies for metal recycling from spent, waste, and off-specification catalysts available in Europe
  • Efficient integration of renewable electricity
  • A digital tool for predictive decision-making
  • Production of (electro)catalysts for innovative (electro)chemical processes that overcome traditional production routes associated with high operating conditions, greenhouse gas emissions, and lack of circularity

€ 11,078,742.50

48 months

16 partners

From 7 countries


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1. Samples sent to perform R&D activities (WP2)
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Electrochemistry is unquestionably the science at the centre of our ongoing revolution towards climate neutrality. Tangible changes in energy production and storage technologies are already seen in everyday life. With the FIREFLY project we aim to rapidly and effectively spread this revolution to the chemical industry, not only by continuing the current momentum on power-to-chemicals, but by pioneering in a power-to-catalysts trajectory with the vision of making catalyst recycling electrochemical. Digital tools like artificial intelligence will be strategic to achieve this effectively and to set the foundations for the future industrial adoption and expansion of our concept. The FIREFLY project is a landmark example of integrated research efforts in sustainable chemistry, sustainable materials and sustainable energy, shaping a vision on technology for a better world.

Project coordinator: Xochitl Dominguez Benetton, VITO